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We are your reference to ensure compliance with Bill 96

Translation services - Bill 96


Trustworthy and Reliable!

Professional translation and proofreading services - OTTIAQ certified

Who are we?

Our company was launched in 1996, as the Web was taking root in the business world. Since then, we have constantly been developing our skills and thechological assets in order to better meet your objectives, in an environment where globalization is ubiquitous and documentation evolves at the speed of sound.

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Satisfisfy all your needs with experts in different fields.

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General translations/Certified documents


Accuracy and timeliness

Take advantage of a quick and efficient service with e-global Translations Inc. We know that the message you wish to send is important and that timing is essential. This is why we invest time and energy on each client's unique and specific requests. We do so within the set deadlines, according to the highest professional standards.


Attention to details

Get the results you are looking for with a quality and competitive service! As professional translators, members of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ), we contribute with our experience and skills to numberous projects in the technical and scientific fields. What really sets us apart from other players on the marked is our attention to details and our commitment towards our clients' requirements. We also believe it is essential to keep abreast of new technologies and we are working very hard towards updating our knowledge.

Technical translation
Bill 96 - Legal translation



The legal field is complex and specialized. This is why we have on board translators who have not only studied translation, but also law, and who have an extensive experience in this field. We are committed to producing documents according to your requirements, in a professional way and in full confidentiality.

We listen to your needs

66 Montée du Golf, Lac-Beauport, QC G3B 0K4, Canada

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